Actress Moyo Lawal Reveals Reason Why She Lost Many Suitors

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Moyo Lawal recently gave a new interview to the Sun in which she discussed his life and his views on se.x before marriage. She stated that sex before marriage is a sin that she could not continue to commit.

In a new Instagram post, the actress revealed that she has lost a lot of suitors because she refused to have se.x with them. Because most men only date her for s$$, Moyo says she has to let go of a lot of relationships.

Am curious….indulge me…Is it possible for a man to follow in love with a woman without xxx? Like we are talking this generation ohhhh not our parent’s generation…..”.

*I’m * … Possible?? 🙈because the number of suitors who left because I refused eeeh … (oh and they blamed me for not allowing the relationship progress🙄lik how after waiting just for a few months oooh 🙄) but anyways if you can’t beat them… you ?? …. But wait ooh … I just realized it is possible, had a few relationships that lasted without 🙈but I wasn’t ready … life oooh 🤣🤣”.

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