Barbing And Hairdressing Shops Are The Worst Places On Earth To Make Friends – Reno Omokri

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Nigerian human right activist and author, Reno Omokri has shared some wise words on the worst places to make friends.

Being Nice Gets You Nowhere, Only Makes You Useless – Reno Omokri

Reno made a post on his twitter page, stating that barbering and hairdressing saloons are one of the worst places one could make friends

He also gave some reasons for his assumptions.

He twitted;

“Go to barbing salons and hairdressers to do your hair and get out fast. It’s the worst place on Earth to make friends.

They attract the brokest, idlest people who can ruin your life by poking their nose into your business and giving you evil advise.”



Reacting to his post;

@TheEtro: – Many of them..but not all of them. One of the best advice I got is from a barbing salon.
The barber was very rich but he usually let’s his customers brag about themselves. So they would keep coming to his place.
The advice He told me was to always maintain a low profile.

@fashakin87 :– We should endeavor not to generalized this …
Well in some that might be obtainable but there such organization that you get good advice

@Ayoksy: – This is a misleading conclusion bro. It’s also in accurate to make such sweeting generalisations

@eseohe_i: – That’s their business! MIND THE BUSINESS WHICH TAKE YOU THERE…Wrong generalization though

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