“He Was like ‘You Wanna Go Smoke?” – Matthew Baus Narrates How He Met Burna Boy(VIDEO)

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Co-owner of Bad Habit, Matthew Baus has narrated how he got to meet Nigeria singer, Burna boy at a restaurant , says immediately Burna boy walked in, everyone in the restaurant started going crazy and the waiters were crying.

Matthew Baus (@bausmatthew) | Twitter

Who is Matthew Baus??

Matthew Baus Adesuyan is the co-owner of Bad Habit, a U.S. music company that has a joint-venture label with Atlantic Records

Matthew Baus, while chatting with Samson Shulman, narrated how he came to met Nigerian singer and Grammy award-winning Burna boy

Adesuyan said;

“At first it was like 2Face, which was like when I was 14. 2Face had a song called ‘African Queen’… Then [My dad] put me on to Wizkid and Wizkid was close to my age and I was just like ‘Naw, this ain’t it.’

“I think it was like a competitive thing. Like no, it could be better than this… Then I got deeper and deeper into my own culture and just listening to music… One day, I cued Burna on like a PartyNextDoor playlist… Six years ago…. I played this artist and I was like this artist is fire. I go to his page and I had no idea he was Nigerian, he sound Jamaican on the record… I was like this is sick, this is cool.

“Then one of our A&Rs sent a list of artist we should listen to and on it was Burna Boy. I was like, I f*ck with this dude.'”

“I’m like this guy is next level, he is the most versatile artist I’ve ever heard period, not from Africa or [The US]. He could do everything; he could do Afrobeats, he could do Dancehall, he could do his own sh*t, he could rap, he could sing…”

“We had to go to London and at the same time, Burna was doing his homecoming show, first time coming back to London… We had been exchanging with [his mom] and she was still freaking out… We came in a day after his show. Two days later, we had dinner at 805 Restaurant in Peckham, South London… Me, Kirk and Cody…

“Dinner is at 8 [but] Burna shows up at like 10, walks in and everyone in the restaurant starts going crazy, waiters were crying and I was like ‘What the f*ck?’

“We talked for like two minutes and he was like ‘You wanna go smoke?’ We were in his car for two hours, smoking and talking about everything and playing music. We did go back into the restaurant at like 1 am, but he wanted to know how serious we were… He had been talking to labels, but it was just the regular label bullsh*t…

“We even talked about Grammys and I told him that he could become the biggest artist in the world. I was like, ‘You could change the way people look at African people and we could break down the walls, that’s what this music is about…'”

watch the video below;


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