How Chioma & His GANG Dressed To Killed For Davido’s O2 Concert – PHOTO

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We came across some photos of Chioma, the baby mama of Nigerian musician David Adeleke, also known as Davido, and her gang attending Davido’s recent concert.

The musician made certain that Chioma and their son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, attended his concert, and when she did, Chioma brought a few friends with her.

Chioma and her friends appeared to be stunning and adorable in the photos.

Check out the photos below;


Some reactions the post photos got are;

luchy_of_otown – Obo might propose to her again 

hustler_profile – i no like the way ubi Dey around Chioma 

buskuka95 – Our beautiful wife chioma 

jaylade__ – Chef chi is too fine please 

the_bennyoflagos – Shey ubi tin shey nanny ni?


okorie.nonye – Yes ooooooooooo I’m super proud of you Chioma

onome_bae_ – Ifeanyi dey forbid to look camera

cynthiachinny_fabrics – Chiom ChiomAsa anyi

julieda122 – I don’t really understand this ubi of a nanny

tdsglamshair – He who laugh last laugh best … I’m happy to see you happy Chioma  keep it up

berrybestberry – This nayomee girl is sooo cute 

slim_adibhen – Dis my village man just dey make me laugh all the time. Shey Ubi don turn extended family ni?

malit43578 – Chai I love Chioma so much  her carriage is everything . Davido wife