“I did not open the door”- OAP Nedu sheds light on how he caught the influencers with the politician in a hotel

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Nedu, an on-air personality, has responded to criticism by going on social media to clarify a statement he made on his podcast.

Recall FM Wazobia OAP gained notoriety when he disclosed that he witnessed two influencers having sex with a person he knows in a hotel while he was there.

Many skeptics confronted him about his claims and demanded to know how he got into the private room.

Nedu Wazobia said during an Instagram live session that he simply strolled in on them rather than opening the door to encounter them in the act.

He claimed that the narrative was true and made it obvious that he wasn’t trying to minimize the damage.

In his words:

I didn’t open the door to meet them. You guys don’t know me at this point. If you think I am doing damage control.

You all need to understand that I walk into the room. I didn’t”.

Watch him speak here: