“I Will Save My Virginity For… You” – Love-crazed Man Tells Ini Edo

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Men will crawl all over the comment section of your social media posts if you are among the most beautiful Nollywood celebs and have a great body.

Some people have big dreams and do not want to be satisfied as mere spectators.

In fact, regardless of their age difference, some people want to date and even marry these actresses.

This time, a Facebook user going by the handle Gaza Prince claimed to be a virgin and that he was willing to stay that way “just to focus” on Ini Edo.

In the comments section of one of the photos shared by Ini Edo, he wrote;


“I will save my Virginity for the rest of my life just to focus on you”

The popular Nollywood actress has yet to respond to her admirer, but he may have to go above and beyond to catch the attention of the mother of one.