“I’m not angry that pastors are wealthy, only angry at poor Christians” — Daddy Freeze

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Popular media personality, Daddy Freeze, has revealed that he’s not angry that pastors are wealthy or prosperous.



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The broadcaster made this known via a post he recently shared on his Instagram page.

Taking to IG, Daddy Freeze said that his anger is directed to the members of some of these mega churches who are poor, and belong to the percentage of Christians with less than 500,000 naira, in their bank accounts.

He wrote;

“I’m not angry that pastors are wealthy; I’m just angry that you are poor.

It defies logic and reason that only 2% of Nigeria’s population has =N=500k and above, despite 50% of Nigeria’s population being Christian.

This same Nigeria has the worlds largest church auditoriums and some of the worlds wealthiest pastors!”

See his post below: