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Jade Osiberu’s story is one of royal beginnings, educational achievements, and a remarkable transition from the world of computer systems engineering to becoming a celebrated filmmaker in Nigeria. Born on August 18, 1985, into the royal family of the Elepe of Epe Sagamu, Oba Adewale Osiberu, Jade’s journey unfolds as a tale of passion, dedication, and creative brilliance.

Jade Osiberu’s Early Life and Education:

Hailing from Lagos State, Nigeria, Jade spent her formative years in Ibadan, Oyo State, where she completed her primary and secondary education. Her academic journey led her to the University of Manchester, where she earned a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. Later, she expanded her knowledge by studying media and communications at Pan-Atlantic University.

Jade Osiberu’s Career Transition:

After a brief stint as a software developer at Neptune Software, Jade Osiberu decided to pursue her true calling in filmmaking. Armed with a master’s degree in media and communications, she embarked on a journey that would redefine her career and the Nigerian film industry.

Noteworthy Achievements:

Jade gained recognition for her pivotal role in the GTBank Digital Marketing team, where she spearheaded the groundbreaking Ndani TV. Her creative initiatives not only solidified the bank’s online presence but also showcased her as a forward-thinking force in the industry. Notable programs like “Gidi Up” and “The Juice” bear her directorial stamp, earning her a well-deserved spot on Pulse’s list of women shaping the Nigerian film landscape.

Tribe85 Productions:

In 2017, Jade Osiberu founded Tribe85 Productions, aiming to present African stories to a global audience. Her work ethic, attention to detail, and creative drive garnered praise from industry insiders, as highlighted in a BellaNaija interview.

Isoken and Recognition:

Jade’s directorial debut, “Isoken,” released in 2017, tackled contemporary Nigerian issues, including familial pressure and interracial relationships. The film sparked academic debates on feminism, with Culture Custodian noting its role in combating misogyny. The success of “Isoken” led to Jade’s nomination for an African Movie Academy Award for Best Director and a win for Best Filmmaker at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Jade Osiberu’s Personal Life:

In a beautiful ceremony on May 11, 2019, Jade Osiberu married Omotosha in Sagamu, Ogun State, marking another chapter in her life.

Filmography and Awards:

Jade’s filmography showcases her versatility, with notable works like “Rumour Has It,” “Nigerian Trade,” “Sugar Rush,” and “Ayinla.” Her awards and nominations include winning Best Director at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for “Isoken.”


Q: What inspired Jade Osiberu to transition from software development to filmmaking? A: Jade’s passion for storytelling and creative expression led her to shift from software development to pursue a master’s degree in media and communications, ultimately steering her towards filmmaking.

Q: What is the central theme of “Isoken”? A: “Isoken” explores the challenges faced by an unmarried working-class woman dealing with familial pressure and romantic interracial relationships in contemporary Nigeria, with a focus on combating misogyny.


Jade Osiberu’s journey is an inspiring narrative of resilience, creativity, and success. From her royal roots to becoming a force in the Nigerian film industry, Jade continues to shape the landscape with her unique storytelling and dedication to presenting African narratives on a global stage.

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