Lady is in emotional turmoil as her husband plans to marry her mother as his second wife after impregnating her

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A woman described how her husband impregnated her own mother and intends to marry her as his second wife.

The heartbroken mother of one, who requested anonymity, shared her story, revealing that she was shocked to learn that her mother was pregnant for her husband.

Read her story below:

“In 2009, I married my charming husband. We were living happily and peacefully, but I was unable to conceive early.

I hadn’t gotten pregnant or had miscarriages a year after my marriage, and my husband, Ken, was depressed.

He knew it wasn’t my fault, nor was it his, because we’d been to the doctor, and he’d confirmed that we were both fine.


When there was no sign of pregnancy in 2011, my husband became concerned. We went to numerous hospitals, herbalists, and churches, but I was still unable to be placed in a family setting.

My husband was unable to sleep at night. He was always staring at the roof, pondering how to solve the perplexing situation.

His mother was really acrimonious. She advised Ken to marry another wife. In her words, she said: “Your wife is barren, marry another wife that will bear me grandchildren”.

Ken would always be irritated when she said that. He adored me and would never want me to share him with another woman.

The year was 2012 a year later. The third of March had arrived. My temperature was extremely high, indicating that I had a fever.

I had lost my sense of taste, and everything tasted disgusting to me. That day, my husband went to work.

He returned in the afternoon, having purchased fried rice and chicken for lunch. He noticed me shaking like a leaf on the long sofa in the sitting room.

“Baby, what’s the problem?” He asked.

“I don’t know” I replied with my mouth shaky.

He immediately supported me and sat me down in the car as if we were on our way to the hospital.

We went to the hospital, and after several tests, the doctor informed me that I was pregnant.


He injected drugs into my veins and told Ken to take me home and buy me good food, which he did without hesitation.

We were overjoyed and partied together. Ken composed a number of poems for my unborn child and me. When I asked him what he wanted the child to be, he said.

“Certainly, a male child but if it turns out to be a girl, I would be also grateful,” he said.

I was always smiling because he was unlike other men who harbored resentment toward female children.

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy nine months later. At the hospital, Ken was as happy as Larry, and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The way he screamed in the hospital when the doctor told him the news showed how overjoyed he was.

My mother came to see me after I got home from the hospital for post-natal care –omugwo.

My mother was very young and beautiful, and I adored her. Regrettably, I don’t know who my father is.

I’ve asked her who my father is, but she wouldn’t just tell me; she’d always find a way to avoid answering my questions.

I noticed some unusual moves between Ken and my mother a few months later, but I ignored them because I trusted Ken.

My mother became ill one day and was taken to the hospital by me. The doctor performed a pregnancy test on her and discovered that she was pregnant.


When I asked who was to blame, she said it was my husband. As I approached Ken in his office, I was frozen with thoughts and couldn’t wait for him to return.

I told him the outcome and blubbered, tears streaming down my cheeks, “Tell me it’s not true.”

He looked at the outcome and said, “Yes, I’m responsible; I’ll make her my second wife.” That was the case.”