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Meet Laura Ikeji, the celebrated Nigerian entrepreneur and fashion blogger born on March 15th, 1988, in Imo State, Nigeria. As the fifth child in a family of seven, Laura’s journey from Lagos Anglican Girls Primary School to becoming a fashion powerhouse and social media sensation is nothing short of inspiring.

Laura Ikeji’s Education:

Laura pursued her education with zeal, attending Lagos Anglican Girls Primary School and later, Anglican Girls Grammar School in Lagos for her elementary and secondary education. Her academic journey culminated in a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the prestigious University of Lagos (UniLag).

Laura Ikeji’s Early Career:

Laura Ikeji embarked on her career as a fashion blogger and social media influencer. Launching her blog, “Hey! Laura,” she shared fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle content, quickly amassing a following that now exceeds 1.8 million on Instagram and extends to various other platforms.

Laura Ikeji’s Marriage and Family:

Laura’s personal life took a beautiful turn when she married Christopher Ogbonna Kanu, a retired Nigerian football defender. Together, they are blessed with a son named Ryan Ogbonna Kanu.

Laura Ikeji’s Endorsements:

Laura Ikeji’s influence extends beyond the digital realm, as evidenced by her numerous endorsement deals. From Gtex Homes and Hnk_interiors to Payporte and BK Unique Hair Incorporated, she has become a sought-after brand ambassador, leaving her mark in the world of fashion and lifestyle.


Known for her candid and empowering statements, Laura shares insights on fashion, motherhood, and kindness. Among her notable quotes is, “Fashion is never complete without a good fragrance. If you look good, you must smell good.”

Laura Ikeji’s Awards and Nominations:

Laura Ikeji’s impact is recognized through various awards and nominations, including being honored by The Entrepreneur Africa Awards as the Social Media Business Influencer of The Year in 2018.

Laura Ikeji’s Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of $1.2 million, Laura Ikeji stands as one of Nigeria’s most influential and controversial bloggers and social media influencers, carving her niche in the digital landscape.


Q: When did Laura Ikeji start her career? A: Laura Ikeji began her career as a fashion blogger and social media influencer, launching her blog “Hey! Laura” and gaining prominence in the early 2010s.

Q: Is Laura Ikeji married? A: Yes, Laura Ikeji is married to Christopher Ogbonna Kanu, a retired Nigerian football defender, and they have a son named Ryan Ogbonna Kanu.

Q: What are some of Laura Ikeji’s endorsements? A: Laura Ikeji has been endorsed by various brands, including Gtex Homes, Hnk_interiors, Payporte, BK Unique Hair Incorporated, Cmhairbyhills, Susan Chanel Beauty, and Diamond Breeze.

Q: What is Laura Ikeji’s net worth? A: Laura Ikeji’s net worth is estimated to be $1.2 million, reflecting her success as a blogger and social media influencer in Nigeria.


Laura Ikeji’s journey is a testament to her passion, hard work, and influence in the world of fashion and social media. From her early days as a blogger to her current status as a sought-after brand ambassador, Laura continues to inspire many with her entrepreneurial spirit and empowering messages.