Top 7 Best ‘Mercy Johnson Movies’ You Need To Watch

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There is no doubt that Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson is one the best the Movie Industry has, as she has proven to be in many of her movies. Since her entry into the industry she has never looked back but rather advance in her acting prowess.

Mercy Johnson Movies are one of a kind as you are sure to expereince her razzness character which is loved by many viewers of Nollywood firms.

Mercy Johnson, a Nollywood actress, is a versatile performer whose talents have been showcased in a number of movies.

Mercy Johnson was born on August 28, 1984, in Lagos, to Daniel and Elizabeth Johnson of Okene, Kogi state. She is happily married to Prince Odianosen Okojie, and they have four children.

The mother of four has been in the film industry since 2004, but her big breakthrough came with her role in “The Maid” right after she graduated from high school.

Below are 7 Best of Mercy Johnson Movies as Compiled By Celebrity Profile.

1. 16th Anniversary

A devoted wife is devastated when her husband is killed in a car accident just after their 16th wedding anniversary, only to learn that he has been living a double life with a another family.

Mercy Johnson Movies: 16th Anniversary

The film 16th Anniversary tells the story of a wife (Mercy Johnson) who loses her husband in a car accident the day after their 16th anniversary while on his way to a “business trip.” She discovers after his death that he had a second family in another state.

He’d been married to his other wife for 30 years, and she and he have two children. As she prepares for his funeral, she is confronted with her husband’s other life, and several revelations emerge.