Muslims Criticize DJ Khaled As He Post A Twerking Video During Ramadan

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American DJ, record executive Khaled Mohamed Khaled popularly known as DJ Khaled is a Muslim and is committed to his faith but recently took a wrong step by posting a twerking video during Ramadan. DJ Khaled was surrounded by women clad in bikinis and they were twerking on him – which catch the attention of his Muslim fans. 

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The rapper recently released a new project and it looked like he was doing some promotion for it. However, his fans were disgusted with the videos, especially because it’s during the time of Ramadan, which is a holy period for Muslims.


During Ramadan, Muslims are meant to dress in a conservative manner to show respect to Allah. DJ Khaled didn’t do much wrong, but the women around him were deemed to be disrespectful to his culture.

Check out the video below:

Fans of the singer react to his post:


He should be dragged online every day.


Yall can’t be serious, since when he been following the Muslim rules, and them nasty surgery bodies should be the ones getting dragged.



If it was a Christian during Easter people would be all over this too. Religion means you are doomed if you are normal. 

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