“Next Time When You Eat Me, Pay Me” Ashawo Publicly Disgraces Client After 3-Days Service (Video)

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In a video, a young woman is seen standing up to a man who recruited her for three days and refused to pay after service was rendered.

She humiliated him in public and, to his surprise, seized a portion of his belongings. She confronted him as he was walking out of a bank compound after allegedly withdrawing money from an ATM point, and he promised to pay her right away.

They were causing a commotion in public, so bank security asked them to leave and resolve their issues elsewhere.

The businesswoman heard in the video claimed he had been serving the man for three days when she dunked her hands into his pocket and took his phone and something else.

When they got to the roads, she kept assaulting him, and then she took off the sandals he was wearing and walked away.

Watch the video below;