“Now have 2 masters degrees and this other career.” – Ebuka Brag

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Nigerian lawyer and media personality, Chukwuebuka Obi-Uchendu joins the trending challenge of achievements at the age of 23 while revealing his struggles that led to his success today.

ebuka obi uchendu

Recall this ‘achievement at age 23’ started after Nengi Hampson listed her achievement at made at 23, it has become a trend in Nigerian.


Joining the trend, Ebuka took to his Twitter page to reveal that at his 23, he was already a lawyer trying his luck in winning the grand prize of a reality show where he lost. However, his loss was the beginning of greatness that he is celebrated for today.

Ebuka further bust of now having 2 masters degrees and other career.

In his words,

At 23, I went on a reality show as a lawyer to win the prize money and go get a masters degree. Well, I did’nt win. But I now have 2 masters degrees and this other career.

Check out his post below:

"At 23, I was a lawyer on a reality show" - Ebuka recounts baby steps that led to his success

Read some comment below:


At 23, I finally got admission into uni after trying for 6 years,graduated at 27 ,still unemployed but we move Smiling face with smiling eyes



That girl can’t be 23 at all, again check her background, probably her parents has built everything needed she is just walking on top of the successful foundation already gotten, many of us are building from the scratch so that our children will also break records in at 18Folded hands


I don’t get how at 23 without a specific establishment one can own properties and the person is not born from a wealthy family. How do some of these 23 become wealthy? Even in Europe,to own some type of property is mortgage so I don’t get how people in Africa are doing it.


Who ask you Ebuka?
Y’all big brother people talking too much lately,everyone listing what they achieved thus far Face with rolling eyesPut litter in its place symbol


Nawa ooo I didn’t even know when I pass 23,.I wake up one morning and checked my age,I was already 28,life goes on,i thank God for life

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