Reactions To Viral Video Of Davido Praying for Producer Dante Who Just Bought First Car(Video)

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Most loved Nigerian musician, Davido, is spotted in a viral video praying for a talented music producer, Dante, who just bought his first car. 

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In no doubt Davido loves to see others around him win and he is also known for always saying “we grow by helping others”.

Meanwhile, the talented producer bought a Honda, and Davido seemed just as pleased as the new owner. 

The singer and the producer checked out the new ride and the obviously impressed Davido decided to pray for Dante. 

Dante on the other hand readily accepted the singer’s prayers and even went down on his knees as Davido continued to ask God for things on his behalf.


Checkout the touching video below: 

The video going viral on social media made netizens shared their take on it.

A number of them congratulated the music producer while others were quite impressed by Davido’s reaction to the good news. 

Read some of the reactions below: 



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