“Wealth and success are now evaluated by social media posts.” — Yvonne Jegede Laments

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Yvonne Jegede, a Nollywood actress, has decried the present practice of individuals assessing success and money based on social media posts.

The experienced actress posted on her official Instagram page a few hours ago on the alarming tendency of people assuming a person’s life isn’t going well because they don’t post on social media.

Yvonne Jegede wrote;

“The Internet has given popularity to opinions that shouldn’t be formed, to behaviours that shouldn’t be emulated, to people that shouldn’t be famous.

The other day I posted something about a car and a new camera phone and I got a comment that got me thinking. Common sense is not so common nowadays. If you don’t post on social media they assume your life is messed up! And that you don’t have anything. Your Wealth/success is Measured by what you post on social media these days!…..We live in a messed up society.”

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