“Women Should Avoid Using Saliva as a Lubricant During Intercourse” – Juliet Ibrahim

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Juliet Ibrahim, a Nollywood actress, has warned against using saliva as a lubricant during sexual encounters.

In a post on her Instagram page, the actress warned men, saying, “I cannot believe that in 2022, I am (still) arguing with a friend who sees nothing wrong with these things.”

‘What if it’s a quickie?’ she reasoned. Guys, please take it from me: a woman’s vagina is extremely delicate. It serves as her temple.

“Assist her in keeping it clean, safe, and healthy. Stop smearing it with your dirty hands and saliva. Before and after oral sex, brush your teeth and tongue, and trim your nails.


Bacteria-causing germs are bred on such. Please, girls, learn these basic hygiene practices and keep yourself clean.”

Meanwhile, medical experts have repeatedly warned that applying saliva to the v@gina for lubrication during sexual intercourse could expose women to sexually transmitted diseases.