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Terms for advertising:

You can Advertise on our Facebook Page and Our Website.

You are to provide all the content(words, pictures and vidoes) you want Advertise

For Facebook Page Advert:

To have your advert pinned to the top of our Facebook Page wall is 5k for a day.

To have you advert posted on our Facebook Page without pinning is (2k for one time, 3k for two times and 4k for three times per day)

For Our Website:

To post your advert as a News Post on our website is 10k

To post your content within a News post that is currently trending that day is 20k. ( Our trending post gets up to 20,000 to 50,000 views a day which can last for a week)

Note: If you plagiarize other people’s works or use their video or picture content without permission and it comes to our notice, your advert would be removed.

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