3 Acts Of Kindness That Demonstrate Davido’s Generosity In The Nigerian Music Industry

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Davido has been branded one of Nigeria’s most charitable celebrities on countless times, and various scenarios have played out throughout the years that support this claim.

As a result, this article has selected three (3) of the most significant instances in which Davido has accidentally demonstrated himself to be the charitable entertainer that the media has dubbed him.

1. 250M Orphanage Donation

This is one of the Nigerian singer’s most recent generousity and it has touched the emotions of many people, including those who do not live in the country.

Davido had started a crowdfunding campaign on his Instagram page under the guise of raising money to get his new vehicle off the docks, but everyone was taken aback when the total raised hit almost 200 million naira, and the focus was quickly shifted to charity.

Davido donated the money to orphanage homes around the country after adding 50 million naira, which is a generous move for someone whose prominence would have allowed him to spend the money on lavish lives.

2. Sanyaolu’s Education Funding

Davido recently trended on Twitter when one of his beneficiaries celebrated his graduation from Beverly Hills University and stated how important Davido was to his educational funding from the beginning to the conclusion.

Jide Sanyaolu, according to The Will, did not have a steady source of finance for his studies abroad, but Davido stepped in and helped him sponsor his education till he finished in 2021.


3. Intervention at Endars Protest

Yes, that was in 2020, when Nigerian youths took to the streets to protest police unfairness and mistreatment. Some of the youths were arrested and imprisoned by the police on-site during a protest in Abuja, until Davido took a jet from Lagos and landed in Abuja to free the youths and join the protest.