3 Things That Have Made The Popular Comedian, Ashumsy To Trend This Year, 2022

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Ashumsy, real name Amarachi Amusi, is an expert at trending and getting people to talk. The well-known social media influencer and award-winning comedian enjoys doing controversial things that will almost certainly make her trend.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that have contributed to the Ashumsy trend this year:


Back in March, Nigerian comedian Ashmusy trended on social media for a variety of reasons, including the purchase of a new multi-million naira mansion. Comedian Ashumsy showed off both the outside and inside of her duplex.

Ashmusy Unvealing her mansion



Back in May, Ashmusy discussed how she first hustled by buying hair for her clients every day from the Balogun market and later began posting content on social media every day, even when she wasn’t in the mood. Ashmusy also stated that she accomplished everything in her life without the assistance of anyone other than her mother and God.

Ashmusy boasting about her achievements

According to Ashmusy, she is currently training and educating her siblings at a private university, has purchased homes, built successful businesses, and so on.


Ashumsy’s birthday party also caused her to trend on social media in July. Social media users have weighed in on the stunning outfits worn by the skit creator, who celebrated her birthday on July 25. She shared photos and videos from the event on her social media accounts.


Ashumsy Birthday Celebration

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