50-year-old Kate Henshaw Flaunts Her Lovely Physique After Her Workout Sessions (Video)

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Kate Henshaw, a 50-year-old Nollywood actress and social activist, has shared a nice video of herself on her official social media profile.

The dark-skinned starlet had just finished working out and chose to flaunt her physique online.

In the film, she makes various stances for the camera and flaunts her beautiful figure. Kate looks great in a fitness suit.

She looks great at 50. Kate is thrilled that she was able to achieve her physique objectives.

She has served as a source of inspiration for celebrities who are hesitant to begin their fitness journey. Her regular social media fitness updates motivate them.

Her caption reads,

“Treat your body right. It’s the only one you have. Good morning my lovelies. Blessed and favorable day for us all”.

Watch the Video Below: