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Ace Magashule, born Elias Sekgobelo Mageshule in the Parys area of Orange Free State, South Africa, has left an indelible mark on the political landscape of the country. This blog post delves into his early life, educational background, political career, key positions held, and a glimpse into his personal life.

Ace Magashule’s Early Life and Education:

Ace Magashule’s journey began in Tumahole Primary School, where he earned the nickname “Ace” on the soccer field. His high school education unfolded at Phehellange Secondary School. Later, he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree at Fort Hare University, solidifying the foundation for his future in politics.

Political Activism and Exile:

In the 80s, Ace played a pivotal role in the Democratic Front (UDF) in the Northern Free State, actively participating in a rent boycott in Tumahole. His commitment led to arrests and detentions, culminating in his exile in 1989. Ace returned in 1991, post the lifting of bans on anti-apartheid groups.

Rise in Politics:

Ace’s political ascent accelerated as he was elected Chairperson of the ANC’s Northern Free State region in 1991. Subsequent milestones included becoming the Deputy Chairperson of the Free State provincial branch in 1994 and eventually the longest-serving provincial chairperson.

Controversies and Allegations:

During his tenure, Ace faced challenges, including accusations of vote rigging and his involvement in the controversial “Premier League” under Jacob Zuma’s presidency. His direct election to the ANC Party Executive Committee in 2005 marked a significant milestone.

Secretary General of ANC:

In December 2017, Ace Magashule was elected as the Secretary General of the ANC during the 54th ANC National Conference, solidifying his influence within the party.

Key Positions Held:

The blog outlines Ace’s extensive political career, from being an MEC of Economic Affairs and Transport to serving as Premier of the Free State in 2009. It also touches upon his roles in various ANC positions.

Personal Life:

Ace Magashule’s personal life is briefly explored, highlighting his marriage to Seipati Magashule and their three children. The mention of his son Tshepiso’s involvement with the Gupta family adds a personal touch.

Ace Magashule’s Net Worth:

While the exact figure remains undisclosed, the estimated net worth of Ace Magashule falls between $10 million and $16 million.

Ace Magashule’s Social Media Presence:

The blog provides Ace Magashule’s social media handles for readers to stay updated on his activities.

FAQ Section:

  1. What is Ace Magashule’s educational background? Ace attended Tumahole Primary School and Phehellange Secondary School before obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fort Hare University.
  2. When was Ace Magashule elected as Secretary General of the ANC? Ace assumed the role of Secretary General in December 2017 during the 54th ANC National Conference.
  3. What is Ace Magashule’s estimated net worth? While the exact amount is undisclosed, his net worth is estimated to be between $10 million and $16 million.


Ace Magashule’s journey from a student activist to a prominent political figure has been marked by challenges and triumphs. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive overview of his life, career, and personal milestones while addressing common questions readers may have.