Actor Mr Ibu’s Daughter With Huge Backside Celebrates His Dad After Recovery From ‘food poisoning’ in Grand Style ( Video)

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Following his recuperation, Nollywood actor John Okafor, also known as Mr Ibu, was greeted warmly by his daughter who as we captured in the video is well endowed heavily.

Remember that the veteran had spent the previous few weeks in the hospital due to food poisoning.

The actor, who is now back on his feet, was greeted warmly by his daughter.

She sung for her father to celebrate his escape from death, demonstrating her love for him.

The actor was taken to the hospital after being poisoned at an event. Mr Ibu, who spoke out, claimed he had been poisoned for the third time in around three years.

Mr Ibu stated this when chatting with Saturday Beats from his hospital bed, claiming that his adversaries were after his life.

He said, “I just got poisoned again. It seems my enemies are using me to rehearse (their powers). This time, I wasn’t poisoned in the village. I was poisoned in Abuja last week at an entertainment event. I really cannot explain how I was poisoned because it was a gathering if people, though it was not a big event”.

Sounding weak, the actor assured the public that he was recuperating.

He said, “I am recuperating although I have neither worked out nor driven since I got ill. However, I intend to take a walk this (Friday) evening, because I am hopeful that I would get better. I am eating well now, and I’m prepared to go back on set any moment from now”.

Watch The Video of His Daughter Celebrating Him Below: