Actress Allegedly Chased Her Husband With Knife After Beating Her

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Instagram blogger Gist Lover has raised an alarm about the domestictic violence that is going on in the marital home of an actress.

In a lengthy post shared on his wall, he explained how they pretend to be happy in public and be on each other’s neck at home. According to him the woman is supposed to return back to her parent’s home. However, she always flaunts her husband’s photos on her pages to lie about her inability to maintain peace in the house.

In the photo shared was the actress and how she looked after being assaulted. It was alleged that her husband physically attacks her and beat her up. However, the lady with anger also followed the man with a knife to take revenge.

She was in nightwear with blood stains and marks of violence. The identity of this Yoruba actress is still being investigated but we are following closely. However, it’s been revealed that she is popularly known in a role as “Basirat”. We would update on what happens when we disclose her working identity as an actress and also the real reason behind her fracas with her husband.

See screenshots below:


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