Actress, Ani Amatosero Advises Ladies Says – ‘Run For Your Life If Your Man Turns Off His Engine In Traffic’

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Popular Nigerian actress, Ani Amatosero has shared some wise words to her fellow ladies regarding relationships.

Ani Amatosero (@anieffixzzy) | Twitter

According to the actress, men who turn off  their engine anytime there are in traffic are stingy, implying that the woman dating such a man will not receive anything from him.

In her words;

“Dear ladies, if you meet any man that turns off h is engine when he is in traffic. My sister runnnnn for your life you will not see one naira in that relationship”



Reacting to her post;

@ladyque_1:- Go make your own money and leave men alone

@dcrypto.kings:- Try to make your own money so you can spend it how you like so you can also stop giving foolish advice because of poverty. 🙄

@adaikwerre:- If he doesn’t have money you can give him your own since there’s money tree somewhere that is easy to pluck. Relationship shouldn’t be a pay office for one benefiting party.

@emirdickson:- Coming from gender wey dey off data when charging phone 

@kunlereal:- Dear Ladies.. your relationship is not Atm machine

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