Actress Onyii Alex In Hot Soup As Bank Transfers Link To Her Alleged Arrested Sugar Daddy (Details)

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Onyii Alex, a Nollywood actress who is rumored to be dating a famous businessman named Michael Diongoli, is said to be in trouble right now.

Michael Ukiye Diongoli is a Nigerian citizen and the General Managing Director (GMD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UK – Dion Investment, a Lagos-based investment and asset management firm, as well as the founder of UK-Dion Group. He has been rumoured to have dated Bbnaija star, Nengi, Onyii Alex and some other popular nollywood actresses and television host.

Michael Diongoli was arrested for fraud yesterday, and Onyii Alex was linked to some of his major financial transactions, according to a popular gossip blogger.

Cutie Juls wrote:

“Seriously, I don’t understand something.

It’s no news that Michael Diongoli na big god for many gehs but what I don’t understand is how my insider inside police said amongst all the babes whose names were submitted for cross check, na only Onyii Alex’s name popped up showing Oga Mike had made some huge transfers to.

I know Oga Mike bought her a house but to think Onyii accepted money from sugar boo via bank transfer is what baffles me. That was a reak F up.

I pray they don’t connect or implicate her in anything serious tho.. hmmm

I thought Onyii would have been smarter than that but what do I know..

Hmmm now this case looks very serious cuz Oga has been locked up by interpol for almost 2 weeks now. Eyaah

“Hmm shey una remember is big god of our Ndi small gehs? Omo, they haff handcuff am o. Yes, Mmazi interpol have arrested this una favourites big god, Michael Diongoli


So Mr Oga packaged himself wella.. Got some forieng investors including Oyinbo people to including oyinbo person o. Hmm there are issues with cars too. Omo na big fraud case o

Oga japa con hide for Naija dey form big god for our industry small gehs. Chai, Onyii Alex’s house o…

They are tracing his account.

The only girl whose name has popoed out so far is Onyii Alex. I think the money for that house was huge
Now Interpol have arrested him and locked him up.

Stay tuned for more updates on this case cuz it’s long.”