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Ada Ogochukwu Ehi, an international gospel sensation hailing from Nigeria, has not only graced the world with her soul-stirring voice but has also become a beacon of inspiration through her uplifting music. Born Victor and Mabel Ndukauba on September 18, 1987, in Lagos State, Ada’s musical journey began at the tender age of 10, setting the stage for a remarkable career in Contemporary, Gospel pop, and Electronic Afro genres.

Ada Ehi’s  Early Life and Education:

Ada’s roots in music trace back to her childhood, where she started as a backup singer for the child star, Tosin Jegede. Her passion for music led her to study Chemical & Polymer Engineering at Lagos State University, where she actively participated in the Love world campus fellowship. As a member of the Christ Embassy presidential choir, Ada’s musical talents flourished, laying the foundation for her future in gospel music.

Ada Ehi’s  Career Milestones:

In 2009, Ada Ehi joined Loveworld Records, marking a significant turning point in her career. She released her debut album, ‘Undenied,’ in November 2009, followed by ‘Lifted’ and ‘So Fly’ in November 2013. Her commitment to spreading the message of faith and love continued with the release of ‘Future Now’ in October 2017. Ada’s impactful performances in Christ Embassy events worldwide have garnered her a massive following and international acclaim.

Ada Ehi’s  Personal Life:

Beyond the stage, Ada is happily married to Ehi Moses, and their union has been blessed with two children. Her ability to balance family life and a thriving music career adds another layer of relatability to her story.

Albums & Singles:

Ada’s discography includes albums such as ‘Undenied,’ ‘Lifted & So Fly,’ ‘Future Now,’ and the EP ‘Ada’s EP’ released in 2019. Some of her hit singles include “I Overcame,” “Only You Jesus,” “Jesus (You are Able),” “I Testify,” “Cheta,” “In Your Name,” “Our God Reigns,” and “Bobo Me.”

Ada Ehi’s  Awards and Recognition:

Ada’s impact on the gospel music scene has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, she was recognized in YNaija’s “100 Influential Christian Personalities in Nigeria” list. Additionally, she clinched the 2017 Groove Awards for West African Artist of the Year, solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the gospel music industry.

Ada Ehi’s  Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Ada Ehi on Instagram (@adaehimoses) and Twitter (@AdaEhiMoses) for updates on her musical journey and inspirational messages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: When did Ada Ehi release her debut album? A1: Ada Ehi released her debut album, ‘Undenied,’ in November 2009.

Q2: How many children does Ada Ehi have? A2: Ada Ehi is blessed with two children from her marriage to Ehi Moses.

Q3: What are some of Ada Ehi’s popular singles? A3: Some of Ada Ehi’s popular singles include “Only You Jesus,” “I Testify,” and “Cheta.”


Ada Ehi’s story is one of unwavering faith, musical prowess, and family values. Her journey from a young backup singer to an internationally acclaimed gospel artist serves as an inspiration to many. Through her soulful tunes and impactful lyrics, Ada continues to touch the hearts of listeners worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the gospel music landscape.