Ada Jesus and Ashmusy are the two Nigerian celebrities Nedu caught at the Abuja hotel with a politician – Gistlover (Photos)

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The two Nigerian celebrities/influencers who were captured by Nedu in an Abuja hotel with a politician have finally been identified.

Gistlover, a popular Instagram blogger, announced this today, January 17th, 2023, via its official Instagram profile, and as a result, social media was abuzz.

Earlier today, Intel Region revealed that OAP Nedu Wazobia told on a podcast how he met two influencers and celebrities while playing threesome with his wealthy pal.

The incident occurred at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja, according to the OAP.

Nedu in his words;

“I have walked in once on some of your influencers/celebrities two of them having a threesome with somebody I know.Yes I said it. I have walked in on two of your favorite influencers/celebrities in Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. They saw me and they expect me to respect them and I respect them enough not to mention their names”.

In response, Gistlover, a combative Instagram blogger, threatens to reveal the names of the influencers.

The blogger wrote,


“Shey make I help Nedu mention the name ?? Shall we ?? You see that Transcorp HILTON ehn, Number 1 Sin City, where yeyebrities dey jam politicians , where them dey decide una matter for naija, Nedu make I help you add name ??? Small time they come online to preach Hardwork, Iku Loma Payin, DEAR LEGIT HUSTLERS, YOU ARE DOING WELL AT YOUR OWN PACEY SLOWLY BUT SURELY OOO, UNA GO GET THERE 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶.”


According to Gistlover, the politican is Dino Melaye and the two influencers are Ashmusy who recently acquire a mansion and influencer Ada Jesus, known for her luxurious lifestyle.

Gistlover while sharing their photos wrote, “🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶I like fine fine pictures Sha 🤦🤦🤦HARD WORK UNDER DINO NO BE SMALL WORK OO🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶I DEY COME.”