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In the vibrant realm of African contemporary photography, Ade Adekola stands out as a visionary artist who has seamlessly blended tradition with cutting-edge technology. Born on March 3, 1966, Ade’s journey began with an early fascination for photography gadgets, evolving into a distinguished career that has left an indelible mark on the global art scene.

Ade Adekola’s Early Years and Education:

Ade Adekola’s journey into the world of art started with a degree in architecture, where he honed his skills in creating responsive building systems. The 1990s witnessed the emergence of his innovative designs, earning widespread praise and leading to exhibitions of his artistic creations. Ade then delved into management studies, eventually becoming a management consultant with a focus on innovation and transformation.

Exploration in Silicon Valley:

A pivotal moment in Ade’s artistic evolution occurred during his time in Silicon Valley, where he witnessed the digital revolution sweeping through the field of photography. This experience ignited Ade’s passion for exploring the revolutionary potential offered by advances in photography.

Experimental Photography and Glitch Art:

Upon returning to Nigeria in 2005, Ade shifted his focus, producing photographs that redefined and reframed the cultural narrative of the nation. His interest in cultural transition, preservation, perception, color, movement, and invention became the driving forces behind his artwork. Ade’s experimentation led to the creation of pieces that anticipated post-internet photography and glitch art trends.

Artistic Philosophy and Techniques:

Ade views art as a powerful means to influence thoughts and perceptions. His studio is his computer, where he employs novel image-creation techniques. Intense and explosive hues take center stage in his multichannel and layered photographs, offering observers a visual experience anchored in context. Color, for Ade, serves as a visual cue that invites the audience into the world of the strange.

Ade Adekola’s Career Transformation:

In recent years, Ade has refocused his artistic endeavors to provide modern depictions of traditional and urban Nigerian culture. His series include innovative interpretations of traditional fabrics, glistening gemstone photo mosaics, sizable photomontages of city life, and optical kinetic sculptures from urban photograms.

Books and Publications:

Ade’s contributions to the art world have been recognized through various publications, including interviews and features in prestigious magazines and newspapers. Notable mentions include “Ghosts of Bar Beach,” “Stripes, Weaves and Colours,” and his participation in the Venice Biennale.


  1. What inspires Ade Adekola’s artwork? Ade draws inspiration from cultural transition, preservation, perception, color, movement, and invention, with a focus on addressing societal issues.
  2. How does Ade approach his photography? Ade is an experimental photographer, exploring representational styles that deviate from traditional interpretations, pushing photography into a more flexible medium.
  3. What is the significance of color in Ade’s work? Color serves as a visual cue in Ade’s photographs, creating a material quality that enhances context and invites the observer into a unique visual experience.

Ade Adekola’s Social Media Handles:

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Ade Adekola’s contributions to African contemporary photography are not just artistic expressions but powerful statements that redefine cultural narratives and inspire change. Through his innovative use of technology and a deep connection to his roots, Ade continues to elevate African photography in a society ready for transformation.