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Discover the remarkable journey of Adebayo Ogunlesi, a prominent figure in the world of finance and infrastructure investment. From his early life in Nigeria to his current role as Chairman and Managing Partner of Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), Ogunlesi’s story is one of academic excellence, legal prowess, and entrepreneurial success.

Adebayo Ogunlesi’s  Early Life and Education:

Adebayo Ogunlesi hails from Makun, Sagamu, Ogun State in Nigeria, born into a family of Yoruba origin. His father, Theophilus O. Ogunlesi, was the first Nigerian professor of medicine at the University of Ibadan. A product of King’s College in Lagos, Ogunlesi furthered his education at Oxford University in England, earning a B.A. with first-class honors in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. His academic journey continued at Harvard Law School, where he received a J.D. magna cum laude, and simultaneously pursued an M.B.A. at Harvard Business School.

Adebayo Ogunlesi’s  Career Highlights:

Ogunlesi’s illustrious career began with a prestigious law clerk position for Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall of the United States Supreme Court. He later joined the corporate practice group of the renowned law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore in New York City. In 1983, Ogunlesi transitioned to investment banking, joining First Boston as an advisor on a Nigerian gas project.

His career at First Boston evolved, leading him to become the Head of the Global Energy Group of Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) from 1997 to 2002. In 2006, he founded Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), a private equity firm that made headlines with the acquisition of London City Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Edinburgh Airport, and Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori.

Board Memberships and Recognition:

Adebayo Ogunlesi’s influence extends beyond the business world. He serves on the Board of Directors at Goldman Sachs and holds the position of Lead Director. Ogunlesi is also an esteemed member of various organizations, including the District of Columbia Bar Association, Harvard Business School Board of Dean’s Advisors, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Adebayo Ogunlesi’s  Personal Life:

Away from the boardroom, Ogunlesi has been happily married to Dr. Amelia Quist-Ogunlesi since 1985, and together they have two children. Burna Boy, in his song “Wonderful,” pays tribute to Ogunlesi, acknowledging his hard work and success.

Membership and Affiliations:

Ogunlesi actively participates in the academic and healthcare sectors, holding memberships in organizations such as Harvard University’s Global Advisory Council, NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital’s Board of Trustees, and the Partnership for New York City Fund’s Board of Directors.


  1. What is Adebayo Ogunlesi known for? Adebayo Ogunlesi is renowned for his achievements in finance and infrastructure investment. He is the Chairman and Managing Partner of Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) and has played a key role in the acquisition of major airports.
  2. How did Ogunlesi start his career? Ogunlesi began his career as a law clerk to Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall before transitioning to corporate law at Cravath, Swaine & Moore. He later moved into investment banking, ultimately founding Global Infrastructure Partners in 2006.
  3. What notable acquisitions has GIP made? GIP made headlines with the acquisition of London City Airport in 2006, followed by the majority stake in London Gatwick Airport in 2009. Other acquisitions include Edinburgh Airport in 2012 and Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori in 2018.


Adebayo Ogunlesi’s journey from Lagos, Nigeria, to the pinnacle of global finance is a testament to his intellect, determination, and strategic vision. As the architect of significant infrastructure investments, Ogunlesi continues to shape the landscape of international business, leaving an indelible mark on the world of finance.