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Adeyinka Alaseyori, born Adeyinka Akinyemi, is a renowned gospel singer whose soul-stirring melodies and powerful lyrics have resonated across Nigeria. With a compelling life story and a flourishing music career, she has become a beacon of inspiration for many. In this blog post, we delve into the life, education, marriage, ministry, and musical achievements of this talented gospel sensation.

Adeyinka Alaseyori’s Early Life and Education:

Adeyinka Alaseyori was born into the Adesioye family in Ondo State but came into the world in Lagos, Nigeria. Her educational journey saw her graduate from Lagos State Polytechnic with a degree in accountancy, completing her studies at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) in 2010. Raised by disciplinarian and devout Christian parents, Adeyinka’s upbringing laid the foundation for her success in both education and ministry.

Adeyinka Alaseyori’s Personal Life:

In a heartwarming turn of events, Adeyinka Alaseyori recently tied the knot with her long-time friend and manager. The joyous occasion, held in Lagos, drew notable figures from the gospel music and movie industry, including Bunmi Akinnanu Adeoye, Ayo Ajewole Woli Agba, Goman Shomolu/Bariga Zone, Dayo Amusa, and Ireti Osayemi.

Faith Communities:

Adeyinka is actively involved in various churches, including RCCG (Redeemed Christian Church of God), CAC (Christ Apostolic Church), and MFM (Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry). Her impactful performances have graced these churches and beyond, making her a cherished figure in the gospel music scene.


From a young age, Adeyinka has been a beacon of praise and worship. Her journey into limelight began at CAC Oke Isegun and later continued at Jesus The Key Christian Assembly. Since 2011, she has led her ministry, touching lives and edifying souls with her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Her musical career officially took off in 2012, marking eight years of blessing audiences around the world as of July 2020.

Albums and Songs:

Adeyinka Alaseyori has released two impactful albums, “Alaabo mi” and “Alaseyori Mi,” showcasing her versatility and devotion to God. Some of her notable songs include “He made a way,” “Arojinle,” “Aye Ope yo,” “Oniduromi ese o,” “Ola Atobiju” featuring Alaseyori, “Edara” featuring Mike Adekunle, and “The Almighty God.” Her music has touched countless lives and continues to be a source of inspiration.

Role Model: While Adeyinka Alaseyori does not have a specific role model, she draws inspiration from the works of Tope Alabi, Bola Are, Senwele Jesu, Omije Ojumi, Yetunde Are, Bisi Alawiye, and others.

Record Label:

Adeyinka is associated with Daveakins Communications, a platform that has played a significant role in promoting her music and ministry.

Adeyinka Alaseyori’s Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Adeyinka Alaseyori on Instagram: @adeyinkaalaseyori, where she shares updates, inspirational messages, and snippets of her soul-stirring performances.


  1. Q: When did Adeyinka Alaseyori start her music career? A: Adeyinka Alaseyori began her musical journey in the year 2012.
  2. Q: How many albums has she released? A: Adeyinka has released two powerful albums titled “Alaabo mi” and “Alaseyori Mi.”
  3. Q: Who are her role models in the gospel music industry? A: Although she has no specific role model, Adeyinka admires the works of Tope Alabi, Bola Are, Senwele Jesu, Omije Ojumi, Yetunde Are, and Bisi Alawiye.


Adeyinka Alaseyori’s life and musical journey are a testament to faith, dedication, and the transformative power of gospel music. Her melodious tunes and impactful lyrics continue to uplift spirits and inspire a generation. As she embarks on this new chapter of married life, we eagerly anticipate more soul-stirring melodies from this gifted gospel singer.