After All The Surgery, You’re Still Ugly – Tacha Subtly Shades

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BB We’re not sure who this shade is meant at, but Naija celebrity Tacha has thrown a subtle shade at someone who has yet to be recognized, adding that despite the surgery, the individual still looks ugly.

There are a number of female celebrities and prominent personalities that have had surgery to improve their bodies, so figuring out who Tacha is shading right now would be difficult, and she didn’t give any hints.

Tacha tweeted, “After all the surgery, you’re still ugly, and that’s what gets her,” which is an oblique dig at someone and also a lyric from a song about a singer who underwent surgery as well.

Whatever Tacha had in mind before posting this is definitely merely to make some people anxious because the most of the female celebrities are seated at this table, and her singing such a song makes it look like a shade.

Those who know and understand that it’s just a song from her may be unconcerned, while those who don’t know that it’s just a song from her may take it personally, even if it appears to be a dig at someone.

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