Aki And Paw Set To Resume Acting Together – Sparks Reaction From Actress, Patience Ozokwor

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Nollywood actors, Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki and Pawpaw) has sparked reactions on social media after revealing their intention to return back to our screens.

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The actors, who are famous for their award winning drama ‘Aki na Ukwa’ took to their instagram page to reveal the good news.

Osita wrote;

“@chineduikedieze How far Edu? Just over here soliloquising. I just they see Dm and old clips everywhere. Guess is time to answer the call of nature and drop something. How you see am?”

Chinedu replied;

@ositalheme, this will be interesting ooo
Should we give them a movie or series?

Guys what do you think?
Should we give you a movie or tv series,
What should we call it? “




To their post, Nigeria Actress ‘Patience Ozokwor’  reacted;

@patienceozokwo:- Whatever you call it we will watch

See more Reactions;

@alexxekubo:-Yesssssssss we are ready

@dilly_cious:-They may not look funny again because they look like big rich men now with pot bellies… Not the smallish aki and paw paw we know

@thevc_store :-They are no longer funny now they have grown older cos they now act serious roles. The fun was in their mischievousness as children

@badgirlsimz :-it won’t be interesting


@adaameh wrote:- All join 🙌🙌🔥🔥❤️❤️

aphricanace :- Yessooo…movie for sure!!!! We want another classic like 2 rats or aki na ukwa 🔥❤️

@realchidimmaaneke:-We can’t wait to see you both

@amazingklef:-A very funny series and movies !

@officialowengee :-Give us a Movie, whatever name you decide will be good

@mary_lazarus :-Very nice🙌🙌🙌

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