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Alex Iwobi, born on May 3, 1996, in Lagos State, Nigeria, has carved his niche in the football world, making waves with his impressive skills and dedication. This blog post delves into his early life, professional career, international journey, honors, and provides insights into his net worth and social media presence.

Alex Iwobi’s  Early Life and Background:

Alex Iwobi’s football journey began in Lagos State, Nigeria, where he was born. At the age of four, he and his family migrated to England, settling in Newham, London. Interestingly, his maternal uncle is the former renowned footballer, Jay-Jay Okocha.

Alex Iwobi’s  Professional Career:

In 2004, Iwobi, while still in elementary school, signed with Arsenal. His first taste of the first team came on September 25, 2013, in a League Cup game against West Bromwich Albion. His commitment to Arsenal solidified in October 2015 with a long-term agreement.

Iwobi’s debut in the Premier League occurred on October 27, 2015, and he continued to make significant contributions, including a role in Arsenal’s 2016–17 FA Cup victory. In 2019, he joined Everton, marking a new chapter in his professional journey.

Alex Iwobi’s  International Career:

Iwobi initially competed in youth international matches for England but later opted to represent Nigeria in 2015. His Super Eagles senior debut came in a friendly against the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2015.

Iwobi played a pivotal role in Nigeria’s qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where he featured in all three group stage games. He also contributed to Nigeria’s 2021 Africa Cup of Nations journey, unfortunately ending in a knockout stage loss against Tunisia.


Throughout his career, Iwobi has garnered several honors, including FA Cup and FA Community Shield victories with Arsenal and a third-place finish in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations with Nigeria. Additionally, he earned individual accolades such as the CAF Youth Player of the Year in 2016.

Alex Iwobi’s  Net Worth:

Alex Iwobi’s success on the football field has translated into financial success, with an estimated net worth of $8.5 million. This wealth has been accumulated through his illustrious football career.

Alex Iwobi’s  Social Media Presence:

Iwobi boasts a strong social media following, with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram (@alexanderiwobi) and 884,400 followers on Twitter (@alexiwobi). Stay connected with his journey and updates through these verified accounts.


Q1: When did Alex Iwobi make his professional debut for Arsenal? A1: Iwobi made his professional debut for Arsenal on September 25, 2013, in a League Cup game against West Bromwich Albion.

Q2: What international team did Alex Iwobi initially represent before choosing Nigeria? A2: Iwobi initially competed in youth international matches for England before deciding to represent Nigeria in 2015.

Q3: What honors has Alex Iwobi achieved in his football career? A3: Iwobi has won the FA Cup, FA Community Shield, and earned individual awards such as the CAF Youth Player of the Year in 2016.


Alex Iwobi’s football journey is a testament to his dedication and talent. From his early days with Arsenal to his current endeavors with Everton and the Nigerian national team, Iwobi continues to make a mark in the football world. Stay updated on his achievements, career highlights, and off-field endeavors through his thriving social media presence.