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In the vibrant world of Nigerian modeling, one name that stands out is Alexandra Shekwomagode Anthony, affectionately known as Alexis. Born on the 26th of July, 1997, in Kaffin Koro, Niger state, Alexis embarked on her modeling journey in 2017 after clinching the coveted title of the first queen in the Most Beautiful Girl In Gtown (MBGG) contest. Let’s delve into the life, education, and flourishing career of this remarkable Nigerian model.

Alexis  Early Life & Education:

Alexis hails from a family of five, being the third born. Her educational journey began at Victory King & Queen private school and Nigleen secondary school in Gauraka, Niger state. She completed her secondary education at Government Secondary School Bishini, Kaduna state.

After finishing high school in 2014, Alexis pursued her passion for computer science at The Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger state, earning her National Diploma (ND) in 2016. Undeterred by the demands of academia, she continued her modeling pursuits and joined IQ models, a renowned photography group at her school, while working towards her Higher National Diploma (HND).

Alexis  Career:

The turning point in Alexis’s career occurred in 2017 when she won the MBGG contest, organized by Noah’s Ark event (MC Say something), during her one-year Industrial Training (IT). In 2019, she officially joined IQ models, marking a significant step in her modeling journey.

Despite facing initial challenges, Alexis remained resolute and committed to her passion. Her dedication and perseverance have undoubtedly contributed to her rising success in the modeling industry.

Contests & Awards:

Alexis’s accolades include winning the Most Beautiful Girl In Gtown 1st Edition Contest in 2017. In the 2nd Edition of MBGG in 2018, she received a special recognition award as the Most Influential Female of the Year. Furthermore, in 2019, she secured the title of Model of the Year in the 2nd Edition of the FPB Stars Award held at The Federal Polytechnic Bida.

Alexis  Social Media Presence:

To stay connected with Alexis and witness her thriving career unfold, follow her on Instagram at @alexisrare_anthony and on Facebook at Alexis Andrae Anthony.


Q1: How did Alexis Anthony start her modeling career? A: Alexis kickstarted her modeling journey in 2017 after winning the Most Beautiful Girl In Gtown contest during her Industrial Training.

Q2: What awards has Alexis Anthony received? A: Alexis has received numerous accolades, including winning the Most Beautiful Girl In Gtown 1st Edition Contest, a special recognition award for Most Influential Female of the Year, and the Model of the Year title at the FPB Stars Award in 2019.

Q3: Where can I follow Alexis Anthony on social media? A: You can follow Alexis on Instagram (@alexisrare_anthony) and on Facebook (Alexis Andrae Anthony) to stay updated on her modeling journey and achievements.