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Meet Allysyn, a 25-year-old Sales and Marketing Executive with a passion for creativity, laughter, and love. This easy-going soul describes herself as a “creative goofball who enjoys experiencing people.” From movies to modeling, hanging out with friends to crafting her own lip gloss, Allysyn’s vibrant personality shines both in and out of her professional life.

Allysyn’s Professional Journey:

As a dedicated Sales and Marketing Executive for a popular vehicle brand, Allysyn balances her professional life with her creative pursuits. However, her journey has not been without its challenges. After investing all her savings in furniture for a YouTube show, she faced a setback when COVID struck. Undeterred, this resilient individual is determined to reclaim her losses and more by participating in Big Brother Naija. Winning the competition is not just about the prize money for her; it’s an opportunity to rebuild her brand and fulfill her dreams.

Love and Friendship:

Allysyn values loyalty in her friendships and proudly considers herself a loyal friend. In her own words, she’s a “huge fan of love,” drawing inspiration from her current relationship. Love, for Allysyn, is a transformative force that allows her to see herself in a new light every day.

Goals and Aspirations:

Beyond the Big Brother Naija competition, Allysyn harbors ambitious dreams. Eager to transition to full-time social media work, continue modeling, and become a television presenter, she sees the show as a platform to propel her towards these aspirations.

Interview Insights:

When asked about potential habits that might annoy her fellow housemates, Allysyn candidly shared, “I take everything as a joke, and I like to do things in my own time.” Her laid-back approach to life adds an interesting dynamic to her personality, promising entertaining moments in the Big Brother Naija house.

Stay Connected:

For those intrigued by Allysyn’s journey and eager to follow her adventures, she can be found on various social media platforms:

Instagram: @smoothallysyn_ Twitter: @SmoothAllysyn


  1. What does Allysyn do for a living?
    • Allysyn works as a Sales and Marketing Executive for a popular vehicle brand.
  2. Why is she participating in Big Brother Naija?
    • Allysyn aims to reclaim her losses from a previous venture, rebuild her brand, and pursue her dreams of working in social media, modeling, and television presenting.
  3. How does she describe herself in relationships?
    • Allysyn is a “huge fan of love” and values the transformative power of love in her life.
  4. What habits might annoy her fellow housemates?
    • Allysyn admits to taking everything as a joke and preferring to do things in her own time, adding a unique and laid-back dynamic to the Big Brother Naija house.


Allysyn’s journey is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the pursuit of dreams. As she steps into the Big Brother Naija house, audiences can expect a delightful mix of humor, passion, and a genuine zest for life. Follow her on social media to be part of this exciting adventure.