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Meet Alpha P, born Princewill Emmanuel, a talented musician hailing from the vibrant city of Benin in Edo State, Nigeria. Born on February 26, 2002, this 18-year-old prodigy is making waves in the music industry with his unique gospel-inspired sound.

Alpha P Early Beginnings:

Alpha P’s musical journey began at a young age while attending a Believers’ Loveworld gathering on Ekenwan Rd in Benin. Despite his inclination towards gospel music, he initially refrained from joining the choir due to a lack of interest. However, his passion for music would later lead him to explore new horizons.

Academic Pursuits and Relocation:

Having studied at the University of Benin, Alpha P decided to make a significant move to Lagos in 2019 to further his music career. Subsequently, he gained admission to the University of Lagos, showcasing his commitment to both education and music.

Alpha P Career Trajectory:

Rumors circulate that Alpha P and Rema were once part of the same musical group, possibly contributing to their similar sounds. Industry insiders suggest that major players like Universal Music are banking on Alpha P’s potential to disrupt the music scene, even speculating that he might outshine Rema.

In 2022, Alpha P introduced himself with the EP “King of the Wolves,” featuring six tracks that garnered attention. Despite a low-key promotion, the industry buzz around Alpha P intensified when Davido announced a collaboration, creating heightened anticipation.

Collaborations and Influences:

March saw Davido teasing a collaboration with Alpha P on Twitter, adding to the artist’s growing recognition. DJ Tunez later remixed Alpha P’s hit “Paloma,” while he collaborated with Tellaman on the track “Cross My Heart.”

Alpha P draws inspiration from international artists such as Drake, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and PartyNextDoor. Notably, he acknowledges M.I Abaga as the sole Nigerian rapper he listened to in the past, but now he embraces diverse influences, including Vector. His favorite female Afrobeat artist is the renowned Tiwa Savage.

Financial Milestones:

In a recent Q&A session, Alpha P disclosed that he achieved his first million at the young age of 17, indicating his rapid rise in the industry. While the exact figures of his net worth remain undisclosed, it is undoubtedly substantial.

Alpha P Social Media Presence:

Connect with Alpha P on Instagram (@whoisalphap) and Twitter (@whoisalphap) to stay updated on his musical journey, releases, and behind-the-scenes moments.


Q: Did Alpha P and Rema belong to the same musical group? A: Rumors suggest that Alpha P and Rema were once part of the same group, fueling speculations about their shared musical background.

Q: What influences Alpha P’s music? A: Alpha P’s music is influenced by international acts like Drake, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, PartyNextDoor, as well as Nigerian artists like M.I Abaga and Vector.

Q: What is Alpha P’s favorite female Afrobeat artist? A: Tiwa Savage holds the position of Alpha P’s most favorite female Afrobeat artist.


Alpha P’s journey from Benin City to the forefront of the music industry is one marked by talent, determination, and rapid success. As he continues to collaborate with industry giants and carve his niche, the future holds great promise for this young artist. Stay tuned for more chart-topping hits and captivating performances from Alpha P.