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Meet Chiamaka Mbah, born in 1998 to the affluent Mr and Mrs Mbah in the vibrant state of Anambra, Nigeria. Hailing from a well-to-do family, Chiamaka is a proud graduate of healthcare, having pursued her education within the borders of Anambra State.

Chiamaka Personal Life:

Chiamaka, a self-professed daddy’s girl, is the sole daughter in her family and shares a close bond with her one sibling. Her love for life is reflected in her motto, “Grab the bull by the horns and forge ahead,” a mantra that has guided her through life’s myriad challenges. Despite her bold and sometimes “extra” demeanor, she remains as soft as jelly, as those close to her can attest.

In her quest for adventure, Chiamaka decided to join Big Brother Naija, not only with the goal of winning but also to revel in the experience, forge new connections, and perhaps, pepper all her exes. While she acknowledges that she may come off as bold and occasionally mean, Chiamaka assures that her honesty prevails, and those willing to delve deeper will find a more amiable side to her personality. With a penchant for talking, she humorously describes herself as a “big parrot” who doesn’t require payment – she can talk endlessly for free.

Chiamaka’s ability to hold grudges is balanced by her commitment to honesty. “You will always know where you stand with me,” she declares, emphasizing the transparency she values in her relationships.

Chiamaka Net Worth:

As of now, Chiamaka’s current net worth remains undisclosed, leaving fans curious about the financial aspect of her life.

Chiamaka Social Media Presence:

For those eager to follow Chiamaka’s journey, she can be found on Instagram under the handle the_real__amaka and on Twitter as @real_amaka_mbah.


  1. What is Chiamaka Mbah’s educational background? Chiamaka is a proud graduate in the field of healthcare, having completed her education in Anambra State.
  2. How many siblings does Chiamaka have? Chiamaka has one sibling and is the only girl in her family.
  3. What motivated Chiamaka to join Big Brother Naija? Chiamaka joined the show with the aim of winning, having fun, meeting new people, and adding a dash of spice to her past relationships.
  4. How would Chiamaka describe herself in a nutshell? Chiamaka considers herself a bold, sometimes “extra” individual, but assures that her softer side shines through once people get to know her better.
  5. What is Chiamaka’s stance on honesty in relationships? Chiamaka values honesty and asserts that those around her will always know where they stand.


Chiamaka Mbah emerges as a charismatic and multifaceted individual, ready to take on the challenges of Big Brother Naija. Her bold personality, coupled with a commitment to transparency, makes her a standout contestant from Anambra State. As she navigates the highs and lows of the reality show, fans eagerly await more glimpses into the life of this self-proclaimed “big parrot” who talks for free. Stay tuned for updates on Chiamaka’s journey in the Big Brother Naija house!