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Discover the inspiring journey of Amarachi Igidimbah, a multifaceted Nigerian talent born on June 8, 1991, in Imo State. This blog post delves into her early life, education, burgeoning career in Nollywood, entrepreneurial ventures, and recent engagement. Stay tuned to learn more about this dynamic actress and media personality.

Amarachi Igidimbah Early Life and Education:

Amarachi was raised in the picturesque Oguta Local Government Area in Imo State, located in the vibrant South-Eastern part of Nigeria. While details about her basic educational background remain unknown, it is evident that she holds both her First School Leaving Certificate and West African Examination Certificate. The talented actress later pursued higher education at the prestigious Imo State University (IMSU), earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Relations.

Amarachi Igidimbah Early Career:

In 2013, Amarachi Igidimbah embarked on her journey in the Nigerian movie industry, widely known as Nollywood. “Before Christmas” marked her debut, propelling her into the spotlight. With almost a decade in the industry, she has not only excelled as an actress but has also ventured into entrepreneurship.

Wigs by Amah:

Amarachi Igidimbah is the proud founder and CEO of Wigs by Amah, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess. Her contributions to both the entertainment industry and business world have earned her numerous awards and accolades.

Pino Nono Movies:

The prolific actress has graced the screen in over 30 movies and counting. Notable titles include “Problem Child” and “Ozoúnigbo,” showcasing her versatility and talent in the realm of storytelling.

Awards and Recognitions:

Amarachi has received several accolades for her outstanding contributions to the Nigerian film industry. Notable awards include:

  1. Best New Actress of the Year (English) at the City People Movie Awards.
  2. Most Promising Actress of the Year (Igbo) at the City People Movie Awards.

Marriage and Recent Engagement:

While Amarachi Igidimbah is not married, she recently shared the joyous news of her engagement on social media. Fans eagerly await updates on her journey towards matrimony.

Amarachi Igidimbah Net Worth:

As a fast-rising star in Nollywood, Amarachi’s net worth is estimated to be between $200,000 and $500,000. Her continuous growth and dedication to her craft contribute to her flourishing success.


  1. Is Amarachi Igidimbah married? Amarachi is not married, but she recently got engaged, as announced on her social media accounts.
  2. How many movies has Amarachi featured in? Since her debut in 2013, Amarachi has showcased her talent in over 30 movies, including “Problem Child” and “Ozoúnigbo.”
  3. What awards has she won? Amarachi has received prestigious awards, such as Best New Actress of the Year (English) and Most Promising Actress of the Year (Igbo) at the City People Movie Awards.


Amarachi Igidimbah’s story is one of talent, determination, and success. From her early days in Imo State to becoming a prominent figure in Nollywood and entrepreneurship, her journey continues to inspire many. As she navigates both the entertainment industry and business world, her future endeavors are eagerly anticipated.