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Meet Andrew Ameh, a visionary individual born on December 5, 1990, in Benue State, Nigeria. Hailing from Ogbadibo in the North Central region, Andrew’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring, transitioning from a biochemistry graduate to a cryptocurrency enthusiast and mentor. This blog post delves into his life, career, and the impactful creation of the 15% Trade Crew.

Andrew Ameh Early Life and Education:

Andrew’s educational journey started at A’Abusa International Nursery & Primary School, followed by St. Francis College, where he graduated in 2008. Despite his initial aspiration to study Medicine, destiny led him to pursue Biochemistry at the University of Jos, where he graduated with second-class upper honors in 2015.

Andrew Ameh Career Beginnings:

During his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Andrew’s passion for technology emerged. In 2016, he discovered Bitcoin on Nairaland, prompting him to shift from MMM to the networking platform Zarfund. Investing a portion of his NYSC allowance in Bitcoin, he realized 4 BTC, a move that laid the foundation for his crypto journey.

Bitcoin Regret:

Andrew’s initial lack of in-depth knowledge led him to sell 3.5 BTC for #1 million in early 2017, a decision he later regretted as Bitcoin’s value soared. Realizing his mistake, he immersed himself in cryptocurrency research, discovering Ethereum when it was only $9 per coin. This discovery prompted him to establish the 15% Trade Crew.

15% Trade Crew:

Founded as a free educational initiative, the 15% Trade Crew evolved to train over 5,000 Nigerian youths in cryptocurrency. Initially free, the crew transitioned to a paid model due to some students’ lack of commitment. Andrew’s dedication to educating others on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been the driving force behind this venture.

Stash Family and Controversy:

Known as Mr. Stash, Andrew leads the Stash Family trading community, providing training and signals to its members. While he has maintained a clean public image, a minor controversy arose when his account got hacked after buying cryptocurrency coins for investors. Andrew promptly resolved the issue by reimbursing the affected individuals, showcasing his commitment to ethical business practices.

Andrew Ameh Personal Life:

Despite his professional success, Andrew Ameh remains unmarried, focusing on his career and the growth of the crypto community.

Andrew Ameh Net Worth:

While Andrew Ameh’s precise net worth remains undisclosed, his impact on the crypto space has undoubtedly resulted in the creation of several millionaires through the 15% Trade Crew.

Andrew Ameh Social Media Handles:

Stay connected with Andrew Ameh on Facebook: Andrew Ameh Crypto Stash and Twitter: @iamstash.


  1. What inspired Andrew Ameh to venture into cryptocurrency?
    • Andrew’s journey into cryptocurrency began with a chance encounter with a Bitcoin article on Nairaland during his NYSC.
  2. How did Andrew overcome the controversy surrounding his hacked account?
    • Andrew promptly reimbursed the affected investors, settling the situation and reinforcing his commitment to transparency and integrity.
  3. What is the primary focus of the 15% Trade Crew?
    • The 15% Trade Crew serves as an educational platform where Andrew has trained over 5,000 Nigerian youths on cryptocurrency, evolving from a free to a paid model due to increased demand and commitment.