Angel Smith Reveals Her Reaction to Men Asking for Her Phone Number 

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As we all know, Angel Smith is a stunning woman who would undoubtedly attract plenty of men who approach her and ask for her phone number. In response to this, the former Big Brother Naija reality star revealed that she politely declined their advances and left before they could continue. which is a skill she must have developed over time.

Following her tweet, Omalicha responded to this development with the following tweet:

A lot of babes I know don’t even bother arguing with men that stop to ask for their number in public. We just give them our number and block them after. That decision could mean life/death/bodily.”

But considering how Angel Smith has stated she responds to such developments, it’s such an amazing way to handle this kind of situation. She doesn’t even try to give anyone hope with her type of reaction; instead, she just walks away, which is definitely the way to go. After all, many women who give guys hope by first giving their numbers up often end up breaking many guys’ hearts when they cut things out later.

See screenshot below: