Angry Prince Osei reveals Jackie Appiah’s source of wealth after photos of her luxury mansion hit online

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Jackie, who first appeared on the scene in the youth-oriented TV series ‘Things We Do For Love’ over two decades ago, has quickly risen to the top of social media trends thanks to Luchy, who was swept away by her beautiful aura and luxurious lifestyle.

The buzz surrounding the mainstream actress is whether she put up this enormous and magnificent property on her own using earnings from her acting job or if she has ‘unseen’ people feeding her with money after opening her legs for them.

A fresh controversy has erupted, with many questioning the actress’ source of money, as many believe her acting career could not have filled the comfort zone in which she now finds herself.

Hours after the argument became intensely focused, actor Prince Davido Osei entered to shift the conversation in favor of Jackie.

Jackie, he claims, has worked really hard since the beginning of her profession. He then revealed that she was signed as a brand ambassador for a number of corporations many years ago, long before she became a household figure in Africa.

The actor then slammed individuals who claimed Jackie’s lifestyle was paid for by politicians and other powerful people. He went on to bash all of the naysayers who have been measuring other actresses with the same rod in this regard.

Here’s what he shared; 


These ladies invest the monies they make from movies and other deals! When Jackie started doing UB40 TVC, Computer Ads was in Legon many years ago!!