Apostle Johnson Slept With The Wife Of One Of His Pastors – Stephanie Otobo Reveals, Ready To Drag Him To Court (Videos)

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Stephanie Otobo has finally decided to take her case against Apostle Johnson Suleman to court after a fan told her that the only way she could get justice for what the Apostle allegedly did to her was to go to court.

Stephanie Otobo recently tweeted a video of one of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s senior pastors, who she claims has worked for him for 16 years. The pastor, she claimed, left after Apostle Johnson Suleman slept with his wife.

A Twitter user named Gabriel inquired as to what she would gain by dragging the Apostle of God since what they had agreed upon was agreed upon.

Stephanie responded to him by saying that she was not upset because she had sex with the man of God. In other words, he was spending money on her. But he became enraged when she began to pursue a career in music.

She claimed that when she expressed her desire to end the relationship, he told her that she had no right to do so. When she insisted on leaving, he threatened her with death.

Gabriel responded by saying that she could only get justice in court if she truly wanted it. However, if she requires attention, social media can assist her.

Stephanie informed him that they would be going to court soon. But she still requires attention because the man of God has painted her as evil in the eyes of the media. She stated that she is about to reclaim her slandered image.

Watch the videos below: