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In the heart of Nigeria, born on November 27, 1948, in Ukp, Dunukofia LGA, Anambra State, Arthur Eze is a prominent figure whose journey from a humble beginning to becoming a billionaire entrepreneur has left an indelible mark. This blog post delves into the life, career, and contributions of Arthur Eze, shedding light on his entrepreneurial ventures, political involvement, and philanthropic efforts.

Arthur Eze’s Early Life and Education:

Arthur Eze’s educational journey began at St. Augustin Secondary School in 1970 in Nkwere, Imo State. After completing his secondary education, he pursued a degree in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering at California State University from 1974 to 1978, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

Entrepreneurial Success:

In 1991, Arthur Eze founded Atlas Oranto Petroleum, the largest privately held firm in Nigeria specializing in oil exploration and production. With up to 22 oil and gas licenses across Africa, Atlas Oranto is a key player in the industry. Eze’s business acumen extends to the aviation sector, where he established Triax Airlines, showcasing his diversification efforts.

Arthur Eze’s Political Influence:

Active in Nigerian politics, Arthur Eze played a pivotal role in founding the “All Progressive Grand Alliance” (APGA) in his living room. Rumored to be a godfather in Anambra State politics, he has supported candidates he deems fit to lead, emphasizing his influence in shaping the political landscape.

Philanthropic Contributions:

Arthur Eze’s generosity extends beyond business and politics. He is a significant contributor to the People‚Äôs Democratic Party, hosting fundraisers and donating substantial amounts, including a remarkable $100 million during the most recent election. Eze’s philanthropy encompasses various initiatives, from supporting educational projects to contributing to flood relief operations.

Arthur Eze’s Personal Life:

Married with a substantial number of children, Arthur Eze is a family man. One of his children, Onyeka Eze, serves as the founder and president of the Prince Osisioma Foundation, reflecting the family’s commitment to philanthropy.

Arthur Eze’s Net Worth:

According to multiple sources, Arthur Eze’s net worth is estimated at an impressive $5.8 billion, a testament to his success in business and investments.

FAQ Section:

1. How did Arthur Eze start his entrepreneurial journey? Arthur Eze began his entrepreneurial journey by founding Atlas Oranto Petroleum in 1991, which has since become the largest privately held firm in Nigeria for oil exploration and production.

2. What is the extent of Arthur Eze’s political influence? Arthur Eze is rumored to be a godfather in Anambra State politics, actively supporting candidates and playing a significant role in the formation of the “All Progressive Grand Alliance” (APGA).

3. What philanthropic initiatives is Arthur Eze involved in? Arthur Eze is actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives, including significant donations to educational projects, flood relief operations, and hosting fundraisers for political causes.

4. How many children does Arthur Eze have? Arthur Eze is a family man with many children, one of whom is Onyeka Eze, the founder and president of the Prince Osisioma Foundation.


Arthur Eze’s life is a tapestry woven with threads of success, influence, and benevolence. From pioneering ventures in the oil industry to shaping political landscapes and making substantial contributions to society, Eze stands as a beacon of inspiration. His journey, marked by entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to philanthropy, continues to leave an enduring impact on Nigeria and beyond.