“As if it’s easy to be independent in this country” – Adetutu React To Stephanie Coker post on prostitution

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Tribal mark model, Adetutu Alabi has reacted to a post made by Stephanie Coker in which she talked about the rapid rate at which prostitution is getting normalized in this recent generation.

Model with prominent tribal marks, Adetutu OJ goes braless in new modelling  photos

The media personality, Stephanie Coker also expressed worry over women not being independent any longer.


Reacting to this, Adetutu noted that being independent in a country like Nigeria is very difficult thing to achieve.

Adetutu Stephanie Coker Prostitution Normalized

She wrote:

Wait?!! Hol’up!! This generation normalize prostitution or made it y’all see that there’s nothing wrong with it if they have a legit reason doing it!

As if it’s that easy to be an independent in this goddamned country. This lady judgy af and she said she’s not on a moral high horse contradicting herself. Eissh!!


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