“Ashawo!!” – Policeman Rains Insults On Woman For Asking Why They’re Arresting A Young Man Who Owns A Benz

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A that captures the moment a police officer descended heavily on a woman while forcing a young man driving a Mercedes Benz into a police vehicle is currently making the rounds online.

The woman’s only fault for deserving insults from the police was after she questioned them during the arrest of the young man in Lekki, Lagos State.

The video that has since received massive reactions has police insulting the woman after questioning what the young man had done for him to be roughly handled by the police.

The policeman used unpredictable words to label the woman while the owner of the Benz was being forced into the vehicle by other policemen and bystanders were in shock.

As the insult kept going on some men jumped to the defense of the woman as they said she wasn’t wrong to question them.

See the video below: