Avoiding His Incessant Childishness Became Necessary for My Own Sanity: AY Speaks On Beef With Basketmouth 

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Ayo Makun, better known by his stage name AY, has finally spoken out about his alleged beef with colleague and singer Basketmouth.

AY stated that he has no issues with Basketmouth during a question and answer session on his Instagram page.

Basketmouth, on the other hand, has an uncontrollable superiority complex, according to him.

AY claimed that he had to avoid his colleague’s constant childishness in order to maintain his sanity. AY made this known when a fan asked:

“@aycomedian, do you really have any issues with Basketmouth?”

AY replied: “I don’t have issues with him. But people having unnecessary issues with you is the price you sometimes pay for being progressive. He has been battling with his uncontrollable SUPERIORITY COMPLEX for the longest. So avoiding his incessant childishness only became necessary for my own sanity.”
Another fan said: “In other words, the both of you don’t talk.”

AY replied: “We only talk to those who want to talk to us.

Watch Video below: