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Babatunde Omidina, fondly known as Baba Suwe, remains an unforgettable figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Born on August 22, 1958, in Lagos State, this renowned actor and comedian left an indelible mark on Nollywood. Today, we pay tribute to his life, career, and the legacy he leaves behind.

Baba Suwe Early Life and Education:

Baba Suwe was born into the Omidina family in Inabere Street, Lagos Island. His educational journey began at Jamaitul Islamial Primary School, Lagos, followed by Children Boarding School, Osogbo. Completing his secondary education at Adekanbi Commercial High School and Ifeoluwa Grammar School, Osogbo, Baba Suwe held both his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Examination Certificate.

Baba Suwe Early Career:

At the age of fourteen in 1972, Baba Suwe ventured into the world of entertainment. His comedic genius shone through in the Nigerian movie industry, predominantly in Yoruba films, earning him a reputation as one of the most talented indigenous comic actors. Notable appearances include blockbuster movies like “Omolasan” and many others.

Baba Suwe Filmography:

Baba Suwe’s illustrious career spanned over 100 movies, showcasing his versatility and comedic prowess. Some of his notable works include “Ba o ku,” “Ko tan si be,” “Aso Ibora,” “Obelomo,” “Oju Oloju,” “Baba Londoner,” “Elebolo,” and “Larinloodu.”

Baba Suwe Personal Life:

As a Yoruba, a Southerner, a Nigerian, and a Christian, Baba Suwe embraced his diverse identity. He was a family man, married with children, adding a personal touch to his illustrious public persona.

Baba Suwe Passing Away:

Tragically, on November 22, 2021, Baba Suwe passed away at the age of 63, leaving a void in the hearts of his fans and the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Baba Suwe Net Worth:

Before his untimely demise, Baba Suwe’s estimated net worth ranged between $100,000 and $300,000, a testament to his successful career and contributions to the film industry.

FAQs About Baba Suwe:

  1. Q: What were some of Baba Suwe’s most famous movies? A: Some of Baba Suwe’s renowned movies include “Ba o ku,” “Omolasan,” “Baba Londoner,” and “Larinloodu.”
  2. Q: Where did Baba Suwe receive his education? A: Baba Suwe attended Jamaitul Islamial Primary School, Lagos, and completed his secondary education at Adekanbi Commercial High School and Ifeoluwa Grammar School, Osogbo.
  3. Q: What was Baba Suwe’s age at the time of his passing? A: Baba Suwe passed away at the age of 63 on November 22, 2021.


Baba Suwe’s impact on Nigerian cinema is undeniable, and his legacy lives on through the laughter he brought to countless fans. As we remember this iconic figure, let us celebrate the life, career, and contributions of Babatunde Omidina, a true legend of Nollywood.