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Kareem Adepoju, affectionately known as Baba Wande, stands as a prominent figure in Nigeria’s cinematic landscape, contributing over four decades of his life to the world of acting and film production. Born on January 6, 1945, in Osun State, Nigeria, Baba Wande’s journey is a remarkable tale of dedication and passion for the arts.

Baba Wande Early Life and Education:

Born into the Adepoju family, there is scant information available about Baba Wande’s formal education. In interviews, he expressed that, despite lacking formal education, his destiny was entwined with the world of theater and film.

Baba Wande Career Beginnings:

Baba Wande’s professional acting career commenced with the founding of the Duro Ladipo Theatre Group in 1963. Under the mentorship of Chief Oyin Adejobi, a distinguished Nigerian drama artist, he honed his skills for a year before joining the Oyin Adejobi Theatre Group. His rise to prominence within the Oyin Adejobi Company was marked by unforgettable roles in epic compositions like “Ekuro Olaoja,” “Oba Igbalode,” and “Kuye.”

Versatility and Achievements:

Renowned for his versatility, Baba Wande’s performances ranged from comedic brilliance to intense seriousness. With over 1,000 movies to his credit, he not only acted but also ventured into production, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. His role as Kúyẹ̀ in the TV adaptation of Baba Adebayo Faleti’s classic novel and various other notable characters showcased his range as an actor.

Professional Goals:

Baba Wande’s grand vision for the Nigerian film industry includes the establishment of a legitimate film town in Osun State, referred to as Africa’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He believes such a facility would not only bolster film production but also contribute to the social and political development of the state.

Baba Wande Collaborations and Personal Life:

Baba Wande has collaborated with industry stalwarts such as Funke Akindele, Kunle Afolayan, and Moyo Lawal. Beyond the glitz of the industry, he is a devoted Muslim, married to two wives, and blessed with several children.

Baba Wande Filmography:

With an extensive filmography, some of Baba Wande’s notable works include “Arugba,” “Oluweri Magboojo,” “Ika lomo ejo,” and “Fate of Alakada.”

Awards and Recognition:

In recognition of his efforts in promoting the Yoruba language, Baba Wande has received awards, solidifying his impact on both the cultural and linguistic aspects of Nigerian cinema.

Baba Wande Net Worth:

Baba Wande’s estimated net worth stands at $50,000, a testament to his enduring legacy in the entertainment industry.

Baba Wande Social Media Presence:

For those looking to connect with the legendary actor, his Instagram handle is baba_wande___.


1. What is Baba Wande’s greatest professional goal? Baba Wande aspires to build a legitimate film town in Osun State, contributing to the growth of the film industry and the state’s social and political development.

2. How many movies has Baba Wande acted in? With a career spanning over 40 years, Baba Wande has acted in more than 1,000 movies.

3. Is Baba Wande active on social media? Yes, you can find him on Instagram with the handle baba_wande___.


Baba Wande’s journey is not just a personal tale but a testament to the cultural richness and artistic depth of Nigerian cinema. His contributions continue to shape the industry, leaving an indomitable legacy for future generations.