‘Bam Bam’ Trends As Laycon Releases Launched Album ‘Shall We Begin’

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Laycon shower Laurel on the singer following the release of his launched album ‘Shall We Begin’ from which the word ‘BamBam’ is trending number one on Twitter.


Laycon who released his album barely 7 hours ago is going to be choke with the number of streams his album is making on social media network especially on the track titled ‘Bam Bam.’


The singer features singers like MayorkunJoeboyTeni and YKB in his launched album , which has twelve tracks.

#SWBtheAlbum: 'Bam Bam' trends as Laycon releases debut album 'Shall We Begin'

Reactions from fans who have listen to the songs of the #SWBtheAlbum;



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